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Wireless Pi – Digital Signal Processing for Software Defined Radio

fig Comm System QAM Detector


Today with the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT), connected cars and machine-to-machine communications, there is a greater need than ever to understand the physical layer design of digital communication systems in general and wireless communication systems in particular.

The mission of Wireless Pi is to build an understanding of wireless communications and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) right from the first principles. The articles are written to explain DSP for Software Defined Radio (SDR) through time domain waveforms, frequency domain figures and school level mathematics. Since a human mind handles images exceptionally well, the articles rely more on visualizing equations through beautiful figures with logical and intuitive explanations.

The topics covered span the fundamentals of digital communication systems, implementation of various modulation schemes, carrier phase and frequency synchronization, symbol timing recovery, equalization, receiver design and multi-carrier waveforms such as OFDM.