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    Justin Spencer

    Justin Spencer Mamaradlo is a budding product engineer from ROHM LSI Design Philippines, Inc.,...

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    Joe Brochin

    Joe is a retired Marine Corps veteran with over 26 years experience in telecommunications...

Vintage Radios and Clocks

Vintage Radios and Clocks

The site is collecting and restoring vintage audio, turntables, radios and clocks since the 1970’s.  This site showcases some of my restorations through photographs and a short description.  It continues to amaze me the number of unrestored vintage articles found during my antique hunting expeditions and the subsequent challenge of bringing them back to working condition.  If you enjoy the “tube” sound or sitting up late at night and tuning in distant shortwave on a Zenith Tranoceanic radio then there is nothing wrong with you that a trip to a flea market won’t cure.  I also feature the Pequegnat Clock Co’s catalogue and my own restorations of this iconic clock maker’s products.