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Upstream Audio and Acoustics

Upstream Audio and Acoustics

Upstream Audio & Acoustics (UA&A) is a small group of experienced engineering and business consultants that serve the Audio Integrated Circuit (IC) and Audio Product Development industry.

UA&A was founded by Cody Dowling in McKinney, Texas- just north of the DFW metroplex. Dowling’s 24 year love affair with audio has influenced the development of a variety of interesting products- both at the system level and component level. Dowling has served in several capacities in the audio industry. He founded UA&A to provide innovative solutions to the variety of multidisciplinary challenges encountered while bringing audio products to market.

A unique combination of technical expertise and marketing acumen enables UA&A to meet those challenges by providing a range of services. This includes electrical, mechanical, and acoustical engineering services as well as marketing and training support. Through this unique combination, UA&A helps clients “Make, Test, and Tell.”


Customers receive technical expertise to drive innovation and increase the quality of the products they bring to market. UA&A assists with hardware development, creates audio processing algorithms and performs final product tuning. UA&A’s also performs critical listening duties as needed, helping customers coax every bit of possible audio performance out of their designs.







upstream audio and acoustics - test

In addition to product development, UA&A testing services offers insight into customer products or those of competitors through bench characterization testing, competitive teardown analysis, and compliance testing for both audio ICs and finished audio products. These tests include the standard suite of audio performance tests using Audio Precision AP2722 hardware as well as specialized tests for reliability and compliance through partnerships with local testing facilities.






upstream audio and acoustics - tellBeyond broad technical expertise, UA&A offers extensive experience in technical marketing, training, and collateral creation. This unique combination allows UA&A to field several key promotional tasks for clients such as personnel training, targeted reference design deployment, and technology and trade-show representation.

UA&A authors generate hundreds of technical articles, white papers, application notes, and data sheets. This technical documentation and collateral creation differentiates UA&A from many technical consultants. These works have been published in national magazines, web-blogs, international conferences, and for several IC manufacturers.


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