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    Justin Spencer

    Justin Spencer Mamaradlo is a budding product engineer from ROHM LSI Design Philippines, Inc.,...

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    Joe Brochin

    Joe is a retired Marine Corps veteran with over 26 years experience in telecommunications...

Strategic Sourcing Dynamics LLC

Strategic Sourcing Consultant

Strategic Sourcing Dynamics LLC works with technology firms, from startups to global corporations setting up and optimizing supply bases.  Typically 70% of costs and often quality problems are designed into products.  We work closely with supplier/client engineering teams on Design for Manufacturability to meet cost and quality goals.  The supply chains built become extensions of engineering and R&D efforts.

Our consulting practice focuses on leveraging suppliers’ expertise to gain competitive advantage, addressing manufacturability issues working with supplier/client teams, and accelerating product to market. Clients avoid months of trial and error supplier qualification.  We work with many global manufacturers having factories in North America and other key manufacturing regions.  This assures real time technical support, IP protection, and seamless global roll-outs.