Richard Galambos, C.E.T.


Richard is a full-time Electronics Technologist.  He is support staff for the Schulich School of Engineering in Calgary, Canada.  Richard worked for the University since 2000.  Prior he worked as a special projects Tech at Canadian Pacific Railway for three years.

Throughout his employment at the School, Richard has had opportunities to work with many Academics in both an Undergrad (teaching) and research capacity.  He has enjoyed a truly “maker-minded’ career.

Recently, of 2 years now, Richard has turned some of his hobby passions into employment opportunities in the creative arts.  Through his company, Gala Technical Design he works as a free-lance technical writer and graphic designer.  Attracting attention from such media groups as Elektor Magazine and Publitek Media.

Richard enjoys working with digital projects and has many on-the-go projects [however not yet published].  His favourite right now is a Raspberry Pi based touch screen wall calendar to keep track of his family’s ‘stuff’.  Having three kids can be confusing at times.  The wall calendar is slated to be expanded to a sort-of home automation system.

Visit his personal website through the link below.