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Marcus Engineering

Marcus Engineering

Marcus Engineering LLC Capabilities

Electronics, Product Development, Systems Integration, Medical Instrumentation

Broad Product Development Services

Marcus Engineering provides high-end electronics engineering and product development services covering the entire product development lifecycle ranging from circuit and electronics design to complete lifecycle management. Medical regulatory design, risk analysis review, operational infrastructure and design for manufacturing are just a few of our services beyond electronics and software product design expertise.

Regulatory, Safety, and Medical

Marcus Engineering has deep capabilities not only in developing electronics products for production, but also for regulatory compliance. Understanding of UL, CE, CSA, and FDA requirements and design guidelines are core to our daily design practices.

Industrial Control and Automation

Broad knowledge of industrial controls and automation systems for solar, water, semiconductor and manufacturing allow a blend of custom product design blended with higher level off the shelf system integration often required in instrument automation and manufacturing environments.

Core Electronics Expertise

Our capabilities in sensor systems, low power wireless, power electronics, analog and digital circuit design as well as embedded systems make Marcus Engineering a one stop shop for product and prototype development.

Established and Well Regarded

One of twenty platinum level design partner with Microchip Technologies worldwide (Microchip is the world’s largest supplier of small microprocessors). As well as one of seven recognized medical device specialists worldwide.
Preferred Engineering Resource for Avnet and Arrow Electronics (Largest Electronics Component Distributors worldwide), National Instruments Alliance Partner (creators of Lab view and custom test equipment solutions)


Detailed Capabilities Listing

Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems

• Analog circuit design
• Embedded systems design (particular expertise in DSPIC, PIC24, PIC32 processors)
• C and Assembly
• Microchip Design Partner
• ARM, MSP430 systems
• Advanced Microchip processor design (Ping-Pong DMA, multichannel communication and data acquisition, interprocessor serial communication, bootloaders, lightweight encryption, Color TFT LCD interfaces, etc.)
• PCB Design Layout (High voltage (4000Vp), high current (100A), instrumentation, ALTIUM)
• Switch Mode Power Supply Design and Power Electronics
• Sensor Systems
• FPGA development


Industrial Controls

• Panel Layout
• Component Selection
• Electrical Design
• PLC programming
• HMI Design (WinCC, Wonderware, Cytect, RSView)
• Allen Bradley Compact Logix, RSLogix 5000, Micrologix
• Siemens Step 7, S7-200, S7-300, S7-1200
• Labview NI-DAQ, Agilent and custom instrumentation integration
• Opto22 PLC and HMI


Software Application Development

• Android applications and GUI •
• C, C#, C++
• Python
• Java
• Static and dynamic analysis
• LabView
• Mobile (iOS / Android)
• Database Backend
• Web Interfaces
• Web Backends
• Cloud Services and Data Management
• Linux and Embedded Linux

RF Systems and Wireless Communications

• Wireless link design
• Low-power wireless sensor networks (including mesh topologies)
• RF PCB design and fabrication
• Radar system hardware (RF and digital) and software/firmware development
• Bluetooth LE (SMART, 4.0)


Internet of Things (IoT)

• Design of battery-power embedded IoT devices
• Integration of web-accessible functionality into existing (non-wireless) products
• Development of embedded webservers and clients
• Battery-powered WiFi clients and Access Points (AP)
• Device network provisioning through multiple techniques

Engineering Management Consulting

• Engineering Resource Analysis and Optimization
• Light Manufacturing Infrastructure Development
• Operation Infrastructure Development
• Project Management and Accountability Support
• Project Flow Optimization and Support
• Engineering for Marketing, Sales, and Manufacturing

Regulatory Compliance

• High reliability design for medical, military, and aerospace
• IEC 60950, 61010, 60601 Electrical Compliance
• IEC 62304 Software Documentation


Systems and Product Engineering

• User Interface Design
• Industrial Design Interface and Tradeoff Analysis
• Risk Analysis for High Integrity Systems
• Production Volume and Manufacturing Design
• Test and Calibration Optimization
• Turnkey product design


Test Equipment and Instrumentation

• LabView and Custom UI Frontends
• PLC, National Instruments and Custom Automation Control
• Data Collection and Database Management
• Automated Test
• Production Test