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integratedCircuitHome is a global integrated circuit distributor. Also offers virtual technology and online component sourcing. They help improve your manufacturing focus, delivery schedules, costs confidence and business goals.

Other services they offer:

     • component datasheets

     • component branding

     • engineering datasheets

     • tape and reeling

     • electronic component testing

     • Group A Testing

     • order kitting

     • drop shipping

     • procurement / purchasing assistance

     • Procurement Contracting

     • Same Day Shipping

     • Emergency Quoting

     • Quick Quoting

     • MRP & BOM Quoting

     • per project contract purchasing assistance

     • offsite or satellite digital purchasing

     • franchise opportunities

     • independent opportunities

     • Excess Inventory Solutions

     • inventory consolidation

     • Excess Inventory Management

     • excess consignment

     • OTX Factory Packed™ component packaging