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GreenValley International

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GreenValley International mappingGreenValley International is a complete 3D mapping turnkey solutions provider. Our founding members are experts in the fields of LiDAR system development, forest ecology and point cloud processing. Our focus on creating a comprehensive 3D mapping workflow is underscored by our ability to integrate geospatial hardware, software and services.

Like our clients, we value precision, accuracy and compatibility – which is why we’ve created products such as the UAV-based LiAir Series. We’ve integrated LiDAR sensor manufacturer’s Velodyne and Reigl to achieve centimeter-level accuracy for all of our applications. The compatibility with UAV units such as DJI m600 Pro, allows for LiAir to be reliably deployed and serviced. Combined with both IMU and POS, our system is capable of measurement rates of up to 500,000 pts/sec. Our handheld, terrestrial LiDAR scanner LiBackpack, incorporates LiDAR and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology to seamlessly scan outdoor to indoor settings. A handheld tablet screen allows the user to visualize the point cloud in real-time.

By using our flagship software LiDAR360, the dataset can then be visualized, analyzed and processed in a myriad of ways such as visualization tools, model generation, classification and automatic strip alignment. Furthermore, clients photogrammetry needs are met through our LiMapper software. Aerial imagery captured through LiAir can be processed and automatically stitched together. Additional LiMapper functions include camera self-calibration, automatic triangulation and batch processing.


Through evaluation of client and industry needs, our R&D team is able to create custom-built toolsets for the entire software suite. Toolsets such as automated DBH verification, power line analysis, georeferencing and regression modeling are examples of our software’s versatility and capability. Toolsets are complemented by a powerful and accessible user interface which is subject to regular updates.

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Together, our hardware and software are put into practice in a variety of applications. Depending on project needs and specifications, we are able to offer in-depth consultation or comprehensive project management. A quality end result has allowed our clients to effectively complete projects requiring digital terrain modeling, tree segmentation, power line analysis, BIM and more.