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Gabriel Staples

Gabriel Staples and Family

He wanted a Radio Controlled (RC) airplane when he was about 5 years old. Since his dad taught him about money from a young age, via weekly chores and an allowance, he had a reasonable idea just what $300 or more meant. He knew it would take him years to save up, so he began saving for an RC airplane at age 5.

Gabriel Staples Age 11

Gabriel at Age 11 with his first RC airplane

Fast forward to when he was 8, and his dad told them that if they each spent $100 of our own money on a baby calf, he would teach us how to raise it, and he would provide it food and shelter and shots at no cost to them if we just did the work to raise our calf and pitched in to do the work to raise several for him too. After three years of hard work and waking up at 5:30am every day to feed them, they each sold our 3-yr old “springers” (pregnant females) at an auction, for something like $1100~1300 each. By now he was 11 years old. Just like he wanted to do when he was 5 years old, he followed through with his goal by spending $550 of his total money on his first Radio Control airplane, a glow-fueled Tower Trainer 40 (see Figure 1). With inflation, that is the equivalent of nearly $850 today (using this inflation calculator). That’s a lot of money. Fast forward 14 years or so, and that hugely prohibitive cost of entry into the hobby is exactly what inspired him to write his ebook, “The Details of Electric Radio Controlled Aircraft, a Technical Perspective with an Economical Approach,” here.

Buying that very expensive Radio Controlled airplane at age 11 is one key point in his life you might say he got his start in all of this: radio control planes, robotics, autonomous systems, engineering, Arduino, microcontrollers, programming, electrical engineering, etc. It all pertains to following my dreams from the very beginning. In actuality, however, my start was probably achieved at age 4 or so when he began making and collecting paper airplanes…but you get the point.

He was born to follow his dreams. Or in other words, his been pursuing his dreams since he was born.  Though many failures and disappointments have come his way, his doing his best to keep moving forward.

Here’s one of Gabriel’s projects that he’s proud – the Quadrotor 1 – PID Flight controller demo w/lead point Navigation and Arduino.

Quadrotor 1 PID Flight controller demo with lead point Navigation and Arduino