• justin Spencer Spotlight

    Justin Spencer

    Justin Spencer Mamaradlo is a budding product engineer from ROHM LSI Design Philippines, Inc.,...

  • Joe Brochin

    Joe Brochin

    Joe is a retired Marine Corps veteran with over 26 years experience in telecommunications...




Enginehire is a data driven recruitment platform built to connect companies with young engineering talent. Thousands of engineering students and young engineers from across Canada have created enginehire profiles outlining who they are, what they are good at, and where their interests lie. If a company is looking for young engineers, we simply need to understand what their requirements are, at which point we use a combination of specialized algorithms and personal search to instantly deliver a set of highly targeted candidates that are the best fit for the position.


Enginehire really is the most effective way to recruit young engineering talent, compared to traditional recruiting methods such as job postings, career fairs and LinkedIn stalking. Our engineering specialization and algorithmic approach enables us to go beyond basic requirements and produce high quality matches based on personality and passion.


At the same time, young engineers are struggling to find relevant opportunities. Enginehire works because there are thousands of small and midsize engineering companies that need talent, and that they have simply never heard of. The unique advantage of enginehire’s algorithmic approach is that once a user sets up their profile, they are automatically considered for every opportunity enginehire receives.


If you are a company looking for young engineering talent, or a young engineer looking for new opportunities, discover what enginehire can do for you.