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EMC PARTNER AG – Manufacturer of EMC Test Systems


Design, production and sales of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) test equipment. This includes conducted immunity test equipment for Household, Industrial and Telecommunications equipment. As specialists in the field of Indirect lightning test equipment, EMC PARTNER are worldwide market leader.

EMC PARTNER AG products are 100% designed and produced at our purpose built facility in Laufen, North West Switzerland. Our location ensures a ready supply of skilled workers and easy access to international airports. To produce a high quality innovative product requires many skills. The different departments at EMC PARTNER AG are all specialists in their respective fields. Our employees are fully engaged through fair working conditions and a family atmosphere. Further training and education is part of the company philosophy, this extends to providing places and training for technical apprentices. We invest in our future!. An ERP system brings all processes together with a single aim, to constantly improve quality and meet customer expectations.