• justin Spencer Spotlight

    Justin Spencer

    Justin Spencer Mamaradlo is a budding product engineer from ROHM LSI Design Philippines, Inc.,...

  • Joe Brochin

    Joe Brochin

    Joe is a retired Marine Corps veteran with over 26 years experience in telecommunications...



…Knowledge, tips & tricks for radio control, Arduino, programming, & electronics. ElectricRCAircraftGuy is a site owned and run by a passionate engineer who loves to build and tinker and enjoys sharing his passion with others. Visit to learn about anything from some of the intricacies of electrically-powered devices, such as parallel charging or restoring over-discharged Lithium-Polymer batteries, to building a flame-shooting fire-drone for ABC’s BattleBots.  Or, just stop by to download some Arduino libraries for better micros() resolution using the eRCaGuy_Timer2_Counter library, or ultra-precise and fast analog reads, via oversampling, with the eRCaGuy_NewAnalogRead library.