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Cricket Arduino Walking Robot

cricket View Front

Cricket Robot Features

• Arduino Uno compatible. Can use ATMega328P Dip or 30 pin Nano
• Laser Cut ABS Chassis (one sheet of 12” x 9” x 1/8” ABS)
• Uses off the shelf hobby servos, 3 for walking, one for sonar
• Easy to assemble
• IR remote control (Sony Codes)
• Amplified Sound with 10 predefined sounds including Cricket sound
• SR-04 Ultrasonic Sensor for obstacle avoidance w/ Servo rotate
• Right & Left Feeler switches
• Battery powered by 4 AA batteries
• Programmable by using either USB-Serial Adapter or Arduino Nano
• All Digital and Analog I/O include 3 pin signal/power/GND for easy additions or upgrades
• Option for separate Servo power. Onboard power switch

Cricket Value

• Walking robots have a wow factor you don’t get from rolling robots.
• Many Arduino based walking robots are based on complicated designs that have 18 or more DOF. Cricket’s walking routines are easy to understand and modify.
• A walking robot based on Arduino compliments the many rolling robots already available. Something different.
• Cricket is designed to be inexpensive to produce. The complete chassis except battery holder and motors comes from a single 12” x 9” sheet of 1/8” ABS. All hardware is commonly available screws. No expensive model airplane type hardware.
• Cricket includes an Arduino Curriculum that starts with blinking an LED and reading a switch then progresses through moving motors, reading the ultrasonic sensor and making sounds. The curriculum builds up to coordinating the motors for walking.
• Although Cricket uses a custom Arduino board, any Arduino board with the same sensors and motors will work with the code.

cricket Arduino View


• Cricket uses an Arduino, the most popular and easy to program microcontroller
• Cricket complements rolling robot offerings by adding a walking wow factor.
• Cricket is inexpensive to produce and easy to assemble
• Why build a 18+ DOF freedom monster that eats batteries and is very difficult to program when Cricket is more fun to build and easy to program?

cricket Detailed View

Want to see Cricket in Action? Check out the video here.

For more information, visit the website through the link below.