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civilogistix’s mission is to create more value through collaboration, transparency, and progress, and you will find there is no other civil engineering firm civilogistix.

Increase Land Value

• We help to increase the value of your land by applying our thorough design practices

– This can be done by increasing the developable area and by fitting more revenue generating improvements on the same piece of land.
—- Our proprietary land planning design principles can often times increase the leasable SF of retail developments by 8-10% (hermitage retail)
—- We have inherited projects from other consultants and have been able to reduce buffers and increase the developable land by as much as 25% (providence point)

• Alignment of incentives between you and our individual project engineers
– Our engineers get compensated based upon the value created and not by the time spent sitting in a chair or talking with coworkers.
– This provides them with the opportunity to increase their value, driving their success, and your projects success right along with them. This is in direct contract to the compensation structure of our competitors.
—- This drives us to complete projects as quickly as possible and you’ll find that you often get responses from our engineers in the evenings and on the weekends.
—- This provides you with additional access to get questions answered and to work through development issues more quickly.
—- Our engineers aren’t clock-punchers working towards 5pm or the weekend, but rather entrepreneurial engineers who identify with project urgency and help to bring your project to fruition.

Differentiated Service

• Most firms claim better service, but that has become a qualifier for being considered.
– Civil engineering has become a commodity for the vast majority of the market, simply providing you with permits for your development.
– Civilogistix is differentiated in that we have developed a process to efficiently create more value earlier in a project. The faster you get to a GO/NO GO decision with less capital, the more successful your firm will become.
– Civilogistix is searching for consistent relationships where we can partner to accelerate your success.