Apple Forecast for 2018


2018 is almost here, what does Apple has in store for the fans? Well, we’re here to disclose that only. With heavy predictions, it has been reported that Apple will have a productive year ahead. In addition to the reports, Apple will release new iPhones, iPad, software updates, long-awaited HomePod and much more. 2018 looks like a promising year and Apple will generate billions this time of the year again.

 What are we expecting in 2018?

The inspection reveals that the year will be dominated by small improvement, new cash pay feature through Apple Pay will be launched. Let’s take a look at what we’re expecting from Apple in 2018.

  1. Apple will offer new big phones next year

Many had anticipated that Apple is preparing to launch 3 new exclusive phones next year, one with lower price and metal back. The other two models will be an advanced version of iPhone X, presenting big screen with OLED display and glass panel. The third will be relatively cheaper than iPhone X and will be slightly easy on the pocket. The iPhones will have upgraded version with advanced feature. Moreover, it’s expected that the screen resolution used in iPhone X will be used in the latest phones which will include liquid crystal display.

  1. iPad will win over notebook

IPad is rumored to bring a drastic change in the IPad. Apple has long been working on bringing a change as a notebook alternative in a good way. The company is working on gaining more advantage and taking over PC’s, laptop, tablets etc. In spring 2018, we will most likely see the introduction of iPad mini with upgraded version and smart connector to match the iPad pro devices. Also, it will expectedly bring safety measures and fix all the bugs that can cause any problem or has any risk factor.

  1. HomePod

Apple revealed at WWDC 2017 that HomePod will release in December. But we’re sure it will make its debut in the coming year. We’re expecting it to make a great entry with booming sound and Siri integration and much more. HomePod is a smart speaker device that has amazing sound system. The unveiling of the new device has made us eager to see what the role of Siri in this.

  1. iMacs

Apple unveiled some devices that aren’t still out and are expected to release in 2018. Apple released iMac Pro at the event and it was expected to release at the end of 2017. Since we’re over with 2017 we’re guessing iMac will get released in the coming year. Speaking about iMac, it is said to be the most powerful Mac ever made with a sleek design and smooth interface. Apple has opted for Space Grey color with space grey keyboard, trackpad, and mouse. Moreover, the new Mac Pro will be widely expensive starting from $20,000.

  1. AirPods

Apple’s exclusive AirPods (wireless earbuds) are expected to make huge sales in the upcoming year. Apple is preparing to release the upgraded version of AirPods. According to the analyst, Apple is taking orders for the pods and will ship after Christmas. The estimated sales will be much higher than the previous year.

  1. New software updates

iOS 12

since iOS 11 release in September 2017, the next update is more likely expected to get release next year in September. Although we don’t know what Apple has in future for the fans but we are eagerly looking forward to the major updates getting release in 2018. Apple will release software updates for all iOS devices accordingly for Watch OS5, MacBook, tvOS, and HomePod etc.

  1. Apple Music will grow

The upcoming year will continue to evolve Apple Music in 2018. The global market of the Spotify app has to evolve as it comes in the second position in music streaming market and HomePod will take time to release. Recently Spotify introduced offline music for iPhone devices, which Apple music doesn’t offer. This indicates that Apple music market will have to gear up and stand out among the race.

  1. Apple Pay Cash

Not long ago Apple introduced Apple Pay Cash to its iPhone users. The feature lets the user send, request, receive money to friends and family via iMessages. The money is transferred from a user’s account to its wallet making it easy and convenient to transfer money from a user’s Apple Pay account to another. The service is giving a great advantage and is expected to bring change and new additions to gain a competitive advantage.

Wrapping up

Apple had a pretty good year 2017 and expectedly 2018 will be more fruitful. We compiled all the rumors and specification we knew that are expected to arrive. Although the company has shown no signs, we surely know there’s a surprise hidden for the fans and we’re eager to know what New Year will bring in.

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