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Abid Jamal

Abid Jamal

About Abid Jamal

Abid Jamal Received the B.S. Degree in Electronics & Communication in September 2014 (Gold Medalist) from University of Lahore, Currently pursuing the Degree MS Electrical Engineering (MSEE) at Capital University of science and technology, Islamabad, Pakistan. His thesis is in progress, with Dr. Noor M khan and he is likely to complete his Master Degree by December, 2016. He is the Creator of website. He got “A” grade in Electronic & circuits MIT online certificate. He achieved an academic Excellence certificate in the year 2014.  He received Dean Honor Roll award for earning GPA 3.67, Spring-2015 in MSEE. He has done many projects using Different kinds of Microcontrollers. His research interests include Radar Cross Section measurements, Smart Grid communications, Intelligent transportation systems, driverless car, cellular mobile communication & networks, improve Smartphone’s battery life for 3G+LTE user’s, and microcontroller and embedded system.

His favorite project is the Arduino based MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

arduino Based MPPT Solar Charge


What is Mppt( Maximum power point tracking) ?
“we use MPPT algorithm to get the maximum available power from the Photovoltaic module under certain conditions”
How MPPT works  ? Why 150W solar panel does not equal to 150 w?

For example you bought a new solar panel from the market which puts out 7 amps. under charge the setting of a battery is configured to 12 volts : 7 amps times 12 volts = 84w (P=V*I) You lost over 66 watts – but you paid for 150 watts. That 66 watts is not going anywhere, but it,s due to the poor match of the solar output current and battery voltage .


Abid Jamal’s website is Electronics Lovers ~ Technology We Love. Visit his website through the link below.